Exactly what's included
Exactly what's included

Site Design & Build, Resources, News, Maintenance, Email Newsletters & The Budget, Christmas eCards, Registration, Managing Contacts, Hosting Domains & Stats, Accessibility and much, much more.




Site Design & Build

Choice of Designs, Matched To Your Branding

We offer a choice of web designs and use your corporate colours and logos to customise the website to your firm. If you don't have a clear corporate identity, then we'll add our standard look and feel to your website. And if you don't like what we've done … then just let us know and we'll change it. We'll only be happy with the site when you're happy with it, and it's all included in the price!


The demo sites show some sample standard pages - if you want to add other pages, change the page titles, add new menu items, change the images, etc, then just let us know and we'll amend the site accordingly.

Bespoke Design

We will match the website to your company image and branding, and 99% of our customers are happy with this. This is included in our standard package which has no set-up fee. However, if you want to create a unique looking website that uses our systems then click here to find out about our bespoke design options.

Content Provided

When you place your order you'll be sent pre-written content relevant to your particular firm (home page, about us and our services). You simply edit this text making as many changes as you like. You don't have to get it done all in one go (although there really isn't that much to do!). Just send the important information back to us and then change anything else at anytime once the website is up and running. When you return the text to us we'll build your new website. It'll be live within seven working days.



The site includes over 90 factsheets, packed full of useful and interesting information for your website visitors. The factsheets have been written by experts at CLT in a language your clients will understand. They are always relevant and technically updated twice a year, when new topics are added. These factsheets cover company law, work and employment, disputes, the elderly, road traffic offences, asset protection, insolvency, starting up in business. Each factsheet is displayed within the website and has a PDF verison available via a button at the top of the page, when the PDF version is downloaded it will merge a copy of your logo and contact details into the top of the PDF.

Jargon Buster

A comprehensive list of legal terms and their meaning.

Online Calculators

A range of interactive calculators including mortgages, inheritance tax, loans, APR, VAT, payslip checker and stamp duty.

Market Data

Contains historical interest rates, exchange rates, FTSE rates and other vital statistics.

Useful Links

Relevant legal websites.

Tax Rates & Allowances

Full tax tables.

Downloadable Forms

Companies House forms.

Budget Summary

Summaries of the budget reports.


Business & Law News

eNEWS is a series of 8-10 business, law and taxation news items added to your website each month.

Live News Feeds

liveNEWS feeds news headlines and market information directly into your website. Click on the headline and a window will open with the full story. The news is updated directly into your website every 10 minutes and is sourced from a number of agencies - including the BBC and Reuters. There are various categories of news, including business, personal, market news, world news, technology news and sports news. You can simply switch on and off individual news feeds in your online admin area.

Hot Topics

If an important topical news item comes up (eg HIPS, Companies Act changes, EPAs) then we'll highlight the story in your website and provide more information.


Always Up-To-Date

Once online we'll manage the website for you. Having an out-of-date website can be very damaging for your business but with CLT totalSOLUTION your website content will always be up-to-date.

Updating Service

We don't expect you to learn complicated online website content management systems, we just ask you to email any changes to us and we'll process them for you within two working days. And you can send as many updates as often as you like, all included as part of the monthly fee.

Technical Resources Always Up-To-Date

The technical resources within the site will be updated automatically for you by CLT without you even having to think about it … and we'll let you know every time we've updated the site through our news system. The factsheets are updated twice a year. The tax rates and allowances are updated at the start of the new fiscal year. The facts and figures are updated every month. The budget reports are added to your website the day after the budget (both in the Spring and Autumn).

Email Newsletters & The Budget

Monthly Email Newsletter

eNEWS is a monthly newswire, written by CLT's technical experts, covering recent legal developments and other business issues. We'll automatically post these stories on your website AND email them out (in the form of a branded monthly eNEWs newsletter) to everyone who's registered on your website (and opted in to receive them). If you want you can bulk register your clients/prospects/contacts via contactMANAGER, our online administration system.

Your Branding Included

The email will be sent out as if it's come from you, with your logos and contact information. The news stories will include a headline and description with a link back to your website for the full story. So not only will it keep your clients/prospects/contacts informed, but it will also drive them back to look at your website.

Budget Report

The day after the budget report is announced we will email all of your contacts with a detailed summary of the announcement, linking to your website for more information. Again the emails look like they've been sent by you and will hit your clients' inboxes before other firms are even starting to put their reports in the post.

Christmas eCards

We will design a bespoke Chrismas eCard for you to send to your clients, contacts and prospects. This can provide a seasonal message and, if you wish, details of your offcie opening hours over the Christmas period. We offer this service free of charge and ask that you make a charitable donation in lieu.


Registration System With Freebies

Visitors to your website are given numerous opportunities to register on your website. Registration will give visitors access to over 90 FREE CLT factsheets, a monthly email newsletter, Budget report delivered to their inbox the day after the budget and bonus freebies. Current freebies include: Buying a Home Abroad, Companies Act 2006 - All Change For Directors, Making A Will and Your Guide To Starting Up In Business.

Email Sent to Registrant

Once users have registered the full website will be available to them. The website will show a welcome message with their name in it and issue a unique login that they can use to log back into your website at anytime.

Email Sent to You

Upon registration, the system will send an email to you with the registrant's contact details. The registrant will also receive an email, thanking them for registering and including the freebies that the site promised them. If they've registered to receive eNEWS this will automatically be sent out on the appropriate dates.

Managing Contacts

Online Contacts Database

contactMANAGER is a database of everyone who's registered on your website. Through an online administration system you can access the contact details of everyone registered on your website. Here you can:

  • add new users
  • bulk upload a contact list (or email the list to us and we'll do this for you)
  • edit the profiles of those who've registered
  • download all the contact details to update your own systems.

Sign-Up Users For Email Services

When you add/upload new users you can sign them up to receive your monthly newsletters.

Unsubscribe System

Each email has an unsubscribe link to give recipients the freedom to unsubscribe from these services should they wish to.

Hosting, Domains & Stats

Hosting Included

We will host your website on our own servers making sure that it's available 24/7. We already host hundreds of websites and have comprehensive systems in place to make sure your site is always online and regularly backed up.

Domain Included

A domain name is the core of your online identity. It's the address that web surfers use to find your website, eg www.abcsolicitors.co.uk. If you don't already have a domain name then we'll supply one (of your choice). We'll also provide you with an email address to receive email which uses this domain in the address (eg info@abcsolicitors.co.uk).

Already Have a Domain?

If you already own a domain then we can use this as the address for your new CLT totalSOLUTION site, and we'll sort out all the technical issues for you to make this happen.

Web Stats Included

We provide comprehensive online website statistics so you can track how much your site is being used and who's using it. Find out which pages are the most popular, how often people come back to your site and how long they spend on your site.



The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 was introduced with the intention of comprehensively tackling the discrimination which many disabled people face. Changes to the DDA that came into effect in 1999 and 2004 have now created a legal duty for websites to be made accessible. The definition of accessibility includes blind and partially sighted users.

Text Only Pages

In order to comply with this legislation we have developed a new service called click4text which simply translates your website into a text only version, without having to maintain a separate text only site. It can be accessed by a text only link at the top of each page. Different contrast options and font sizes are available for partially sighted users and the text is generated in such a way that their own browser settings will define the text size they require. The pages are also suitable for screen-reader software (used by blind users) to read.

Increase Your Site Availability

click4text is included as standard in all of our websites, ensuring not only that your website is compliant but also information about your services is easily available to the disabled user market. The text only version of your site will also work very well on mobile and handheld devices. The number of people who access the Internet using hand-held devices and mobile phones is growing - did you know that over 13 billion pages were accessed via mobile phones in 2004 (source: Mobile Data Association)?


Welcome to Our Website Mailing

Once online you can send us a list of your clients' email addresses and we'll send out a "Please take a look at our new website" email to each of them. The email briefly describes the features, benefits and tools available on your site. As with all of our mailings, the email will look like it's come from you in an attractive HTML format.

Website Search

Every page on the site has a search field at the bottom. A user can enter the topic they're interested in and it will search your site for that topic. First of all it will list pages relevant to your services before it lists results from the factsheet and resources sections.

Search Engine Optimisation

Each site is carefully built to make sure it's easy for search engines to catalogue. This way you'll list more highly in their rankings. Also, it's content rich and full of the latest information, giving lots of information for the search engine robots to catalogue. We'll set up meta tags in your website which search engines will use to define your listing and the key words used in searches. We'll also submit your website on a regular basis to the major search engines, particularly Google. Once online we'll also provide you with lots of advice on how to market your website and make the most of your investment.

One Page Summary

Click here to download a one page summary of everything that's included. As you'll see it's pretty difficult to fit everything on a page!

How Much Does It Cost?

No set-up fee
£149 per month plus VAT for CLT Subscription Members (£179 for Non-Subscribers)
There is a minimum contract period of 12 months.

Note: The information included on CLT totalSOLUTION websites is correct for England and Wales but regulations may vary in Scotland, NI, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

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