Happy with your existing website but want to add more content?
Happy with your existing website but want to add more content?

We offer a complete suite of website content for law firms. This is ideal for those firms who already have a website and simply want to add more content and functionality. These options are easy to add to your website and are tailored to mirror your website and company branding.



resourceCENTRE provides a collection of CLT resources that can be added to your website. It's an online dataset, which means that YOU (or your webmaster) NEVER have to update these resources - we automatically do all the updating for you to ensure that the technical content is never out of date.

What's Included?

Over 90 client information factsheets

Over 90 factsheets, packed full of useful and interesting information for your website visitors. The factsheets have been written by experts at CLT in a language your clients will understand. They are always relevant and technically updated twice a year, when new topics are added. These factsheets cover company law, work and employment, disputes, the elderly, road traffic offences, asset protection, insolvency, starting up in business. Each factsheet is displayed within the website and has a PDF verison available via a button at the top of the page, when the PDF version is downloaded it will merge a copy of your logo and contact details into the top of the PDF.

Jargon Buster

A comprehensive list of legal terms and their meaning.


A series of short, punchy and topical articles which are added to your website each month. They cover recent business, law and tax issues.


Feeds news headlines and market information directly into your website. Click on the headline and a window will open with the full story. The news is updated directly into your website every 10 minutes and is sourced from a number of agencies - including the BBC and Reuters. There are various categories of news, including business, personal, market news, world news, technology news and sports news. You can simply switch on and off individual news feeds in your online admin area.

Online Calculators

A set of interactive calculators, including payslip checker, loan/APR calculator and inheritance tax calculators.

Useful links

Provide relevant links to legal websites.

Market Data

A full set of tax tables.

Tax Rates & Allowances

Provide relevant links to legal websites.

Downloadable Forms

Contains Companies House Forms.

Budget Summary

Provides Budget information in your website the day after the announcement.

Note: The information included on CLT totalSOLUTION websites is correct for England and Wales but regulations may vary in Scotland, NI, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

How Will It Look?

The resource set can be branded and styled to match your existing website. It will work seamlessly with your existing site.

Taking It One Step Further…

With resourceCENTRE+ the eNEWS stories will be emailed to your clients, contacts and prospects once a month as a monthly newswire, and the budget report will also be emailed to them the day after the budget is announced. The email will be sent out as if it's come from you, with your logos and contact information. The news stories will include a headline and description with a link back to your website for the full story. So not only will it keep your clients/prospects/contacts informed, but it will also drive them back to look at your website.

We'll Help You Tell Your Clients

To tell your clients all about your new service we'll send them an email for you introducing the new service.

How Much Does It Cost?

There's no set-up fee.
resourceCENTRE is £99 plus VAT per month for CLT Subscription Members (£129 for Non-Subscribers).
resourceCENTRE+ is £149 plus VAT per month for CLT Subscription Members (£179 for Non-Subscribers).
There is a minimum contract period of 12 months.

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