Access the latest company information directly from YOUR site
Access the latest company information directly from YOUR site

companyDATA allows you, your clients / prospects / contacts, in fact anyone using your website to access company data for any UK business online. These reports not only provide company information, they also give a full credit rating from ICC. You can also access documents filed with Companies House. The reports are supplied in HTML and PDF format.



Why Add companyDATA To Your Website?

Trusted Source

Encourage your clients/contacts/prospects (and you and your staff!) to use your website as a trusted online source for this information.

Your Branding Included

companyDATA can be seamlessly integrated into your website. The reports generated by the system include your details to promote the service as yours. All emails issued by the system are branded to match your firm's identity and look as though they've come from you.

Automatic Monitoring Included

The system will retain the details of a person making a credit check and will automatically alert that person in the future when the credit rating or CCJ position changes (via an HTML email addressed from you). This means that anyone buying a credit report through your website will get at least one email from the system when annual accounts are filed.

Earn Revenue Directly From Your Website

You'll earn a 5% commission on every report purchased from your website. Just imagine the possibilities when you can get your clients checking their clients through companyDATA - you have an extremely valuable tool and a good source of income. Did you know that 4 out of 5 new companies fail within 5 years leaving a trail of unrecoverable debt and dissatisfied customers? companyDATA reports will allow you and your clients to make qualified judgements about who you work with and extend credit to. You could even offer to upload your client's sales ledger for them to credit check all their customers and then produce a risk analysis, earning additional fees. How many of your clients currently carry out credit checks on existing and prospective customers? How many of YOUR clients do YOU credit check?

Access The Largest Portal

The information and records for companyDATA are provided through ICC. ICC are the owners of the largest online business information image archive in Europe, containing over 7.3 million business and with an average of 20,000 new documents added daily.

Admin Included

companyDATA automatically deals with invoicing and payment for reports purchased through our online payment system.

How Will It Look?

companyDATA can be branded and styled to match your existing website. It will work seamlessly with your existing site.

We'll Help You Tell Your Clients

To tell your clients all about your new service we'll send them an email for you introducing the new service.

How Much Does It Cost?

There's no set-up fee.
£40 per month plus VAT.
There is a minimum contract period of 12 months.

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