Share and store documents securely with your clients
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DOCmanager is our secure document management system which allows you to share and store client documents, making them available to your clients through a secure "client only" area.



No more telling your clients to stand by the fax machine while you're sending an urgent contract through. No more phone calls from clients asking for copy documents - make them available 24/7 for your clients in DOCmanager.

It's also much more secure than using email and allows you to share documents with large file sizes.

The system generates HTML emails telling your clients that files have been uploaded - and these emails direct users straight to your website. This offers new marketing and branding opportunities for your firm.

What's Included?

Unlimited Accounts

For a fixed monthly fee you can set-up unlimited client accounts. So you can set-up all of your clients to use DOCmanager without having to pay a penny extra.


DOCmanager allows you and your clients to upload documents into a secure, 128-bit encrypted area via a login on your website. Only you and your clients can access this area. It's much more secure than email - if you email a confidential document can you be sure that it won't be intercepted at your clients' PC or their mail server?


It is branded to identically match the look of your website.

Virus Protection

All documents uploaded to DOCmanager are checked for viruses. This ensures that your documents will remain virus free.

Full administration

Full online administration is provided so that you can set-up unlimited companies, and unlimited user logins to those companies.

Folder structure

Under a company you can set-up unlimited levels and numbers of folders, make is as simple or complicated as you like ... you're in control.

Client View

When your clients login they will only see the documents which are relevant to them. They have the opportunity to download the documents there, or can upload their own.

Staff View

You can determine what your staff can see when they login, ie let them see everything or just their clients only. They can also upload documents which can't be seen by your client (eg working papers, bills, etc).

Storage space

We provide 250mb space as part of a fixed monthly fee. When you get near this limit the system will tell you and you can either have a clearout or buy more space (this is available at just £40 per month per 250mb).

Shared areas

This allows you to share the same documents across all of your clients and / or all of your staff.

How Much Does It Cost?

There's no set-up fee.
£40 per month plus VAT per 250mb space. There is a minimum contract period of 12 months.

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