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About Us

CLT totalSOLUTION is a joint venture between Central Law Training (CLT) and AccSys. It combines the technical knowledge and resources of CLT with the Internet expertise of AccSys.

Central Law Training Limited

The CLT Group is a major specialist provider of professional training for legal, corporate, financial, accountancy, regulatory, property, human resource and other professional sectors in both the UK and internationally. CLT provides all the technical resources for CLT totalSOLUTION and backs this up with its well established marketing, customer service and administrative support.

AccSys Business Consultants Limited

AccSys is a team of specialist webmasters. AccSys already looks after over 700 websites for professional firms throughout the UK. AccSys has built and looks after the systems for CLT totalSOLUTION. The team also build and update all customer sites. AccSys is headed by Duncan Bush who set-up AccSys in 2001. Duncan says "CLT totalSOLUTION is the culmination of all of our knowledge, packaged in a way that makes it very accessible to professional firms of all sizes. With CLT's involvement we can include their huge technical resource to really offer a complete website solution for solicitors, at an unbelievable price".

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